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Bedroom Colour Scheme Ideas

colour scheme ideas

Colour has a huge impact on a room. From serene pastels to bold accents, colour can inform the entire feel of space and subtly alter your mood.  While most of us may not spend that much time thinking about room colour, it affects us every day. Getting the right colour scheme in a bedroom is especially important, as your mood and emotions are pivotal to a good night’s sleep. Here are some great ideas to consider for a new bedroom colour scheme.

Nautical Shades

For a relaxed, calming feel to your bedroom, the nautical shades such as blue and white work perfectly together. Subtly striped light blue and white wallpaper paired with navy duvets and clean white linen can create a refreshingly serene coastal theme. This can help create an idyllic sanctuary to sleep in, with a soothing atmosphere. To complete the nautical theme Lloyds Storage Beds offers wood finish storage beds, coming in variants such as Odessa Oak and Ash Vernasca, which can add a stunning natural look to your bedroom.


Simple and sophisticated, white will never go out of style. If you are a fan of minimalist aesthetics, then all-white is the way to go. All white everything can keep your bedroom feeling fresh and vibrant, perfect for those gloomy early mornings. To keep things from looking flat and boring, however, make sure you have lots of different textures around the room. This can be done with extra pillow cases, cushions, throws, paintings, and tapestries that all stick to the all-white theme. To match the white bed linen, Lloyds Storage Beds have a range of white storage beds, including a premium white metallic finish for an ultra modern look. 

Warm Tones

If your bedroom suffers from cold mornings and frosty nights, inject some warmth with autumnal tones such as espresso, caramel and frosted rose. These softer colours not only add a sense of cosiness to a space, but a calmness that is priceless in a bedroom. A softer choice of colours has been proven to create a mellower vibe which can help you drift off easier and have a better night’s sleep.  Follow through with the soft design with a macro suede finish on a storage bed.

Deep Purple

Whilst it might not be for everyone, purple can create a room that is both soothing and luxurious. Dusky shades of heather matched with greys are a great combination and can give a bedroom a feeling of unmatched opulence. Be careful, however, as purple is very easy to overdo, especially in small rooms. Restrain yourself from using too much purple, as it may become garish rather than stylish.

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