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Bizarre Facts You Didnít Know About Sleep

At Lloyds Storage Beds, we know a lot about sleep. Our experience in crafting bespoke storage beds has given us a unique insight into the world of sleep. However, even after supplying double and single storage beds to London, Birmingham, Coventry and the rest of the UK, there are still some things that we didn’t know about sleep. In fact, there is a lot about sleep that we all just don’t know. Despite the advances in modern science that happen every day, sleep is still something that routinely baffles scientists. From REM to dreams, there are a lot of unknowns surrounding our favourite night time activity. This article has attempted to find the most interesting and downright strange facts that have been discovered about our sleeping habits.

Sleep Paralysis Invented Vampires

This strange phenomenon isactually the root of many legends and myths and has been a common occurrence throughout history. Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak that happens when someone is either waking up or falling asleep. This is caused by a mechanism within your body that causes the muscles to relax during sleep, which has activated at the wrong time, causing you to be stuck to your bed. While this is be terrifying enough on its own, people who have experienced this have also reported hallucinating while paralysed, frequently seeing someone else in the room and feeling a sense of terror. This is the why sleep paralysis is thought to be the root of many legends, including vampires, as victims thought a creature or monster was holding them down.

Sleep Deprivation Can Have Weird Side Effects

Most of us love sleep (some of us a bit too much) and will do anything to have that extra  5 minutes in bed every morning. This is because our bodies and minds need sleep. Scientist aren’t actually sure why this is, but they are certain about the effects it can have if we don’t get enough. Those who have stayed awake for extended periods of time have reported hallucinations, high blood pressure, memory loss and random moments of losed conciousness. Randy Gardner is the current world record holder for longest documented period without sleep, staying awake for a total of 11 days and 24 minutes. Amazingly, he was only 16 years old at the time! During this time he faced short term memory loss, hallucinations and paranoria. Slovenia cyclists Jure Robix actually used sleep deprivation to improve his performance during races. After not sleeping for a few days, he would begin to hallucinate people chasing him, which would force him to push his body even harder.

You Can’t Catch Up on Sleep on Weekends

Most of us will hardly catch a wink all week while telling ourselves ‘I can just get some extra sleep on the weekend, it will all work out’. However, researchers at the National Sleep Foundation have discovered that this is nearly impossible. For instance, if you sleep for an extra 10 hours to compensate for sleeping only 6 hours in two weeks, you will actually be worse off than someone who had pulled an allnighter! Its easy to think of our brains as a battery we recharge by getting a certain amount of sleep, but this is just not the case. Instead, we should be getting regular sleep in a consitent pattern, ensuring that we go into deep sleeps every time as this is much more healthy for your mind and body.

People Do Strange Things When Sleeping Walking

Sleep walking is one of the most bizaree aspects of sleep and it impacts a large number of people across the world. Normally people will just wake up somewhere other than when they went to sleep, but in some cases things get really, really strange! There have been cases of people attempting to give themselves haircuts, waking up cuddling a watermelon depsite not having a single watermelon in the house, trying to eat their sleeping friends hand and and even tried to toast own hands. There has even been a very disturbing case of a man who was finally aquitted for the muder of his wife after being found he was sleep walking!

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