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Creating The Perfect Bedroom For Your Kids

Creating The Perfect Bedroom For Your Kids

Here at Lloyds Storage Beds it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about what it takes to get a good night’s sleep. We specialise in comfortable and stylish storage beds but our skill set doesn’t stop there; we’re a dab hand at decorating too. After-all we take great care in producing our range so we’re going to want to be on hand to help you create the ideal environment too.

Ensuring your bedroom is a serene haven can help you have a wonderful night’s sleep but what about when it comes to your children’s bedrooms? As parents we spend the majority of our day ensuring our children are taken care of. From school runs to being their play mate twenty four seven, it is a tiring job so why not ensure they have a good night’s sleep because the better they sleep, the better you will sleep too.

Naturally as kids they’ll want a fort, a pirate ship or a princess castle to sleep in but there is no reason why you cannot create the perfect environment without resorting to such drastic measures!

Want to create an ideal bedroom for your kids? Then keep the following in mind...


Children aren’t exactly the neatest bunch and generally speaking if you have at least one child you will often find yourself having to climb over mountains of toys and tip toeing to avoid stepping on the Lego brick mines! With that in mind it is crucial to ensure that you have enough storage in your child’s room; from storage boxes, toy chests to our single storage beds, having the toys out is great but being able to put them away neatly is even better.


Neutral shades and bright whites can help to create a wonderful serene environment for your bedroom but when it comes to the kid’s rooms, don’t forget your sense of adventure! From bright colours on the walls to murals and duvet sheets depicting their favourite cartoon characters, keep in mind what your child likes.

Favourite Things

The perfect kids’ bedroom should represent everything about your child. From favourite colours and shades as mentioned in the above point to favourite things- whether this is a giant ladybird rug and an ant farm for our budding bug lover to a pop up princess castle play area in the corner for the little divas to an indoor climbing frame for your cheeky monkey. Include things that your child loves to create a unique and exciting environment.  

With the right tools and taking into account what your child wants there is no reason why you cannot create the perfect’d be surprised as to just how much your child will love it! 

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