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Finding The Right Storage Beds: Top Tips

Finding The Right Storage Beds: Top Tips

Here at Lloyds Storage Beds it is safe to say that we know a thing or two about creating the perfect bedroom. With over forty years of experience in creating quality, stylish and unbeatable beds, our team know exactly what our customers want and need. Ok, so perhaps we may come across as a little biased in our choice of beds but can you blame us?

From reliability to convenience, comfort and style; you name it, our storage beds have got it all and once you see them, we know you’ll agree too. Finding any storage bed is easy but finding the right storage bed, built with care and attention to detail, quality, durability and of course a bed that looks the part, takes a little bit more effort.

Looking for the ideal storage bed? Then our below tips are sure to help you on the way to slumber heaven...

Room requirements

One of the most important things to consider is your bedroom and where your new storage bed will be placed. Do you have a large room that could hold any size bed? Or a small room that may just about fit in a single bed?

 Here at Lloyds Storage Beds we constantly have a range of beds in stock. For those with unusual bedroom shapes a bespoke bed may be the best option.

Fabric and Colour

The next step will be dependent upon your personal tastes. Do you have a specific theme in your bedroom or are you just decorating and are not yet sure what will work?

From leather to soft fabrics and wooden finishes in a range of colours; there are multiple styles you can select to perfectly match your bedroom. There is also the option to further customise your bed to include everything from Bluetooth speakers to lighting. There is no reason why you cannot create the bed of your dreams!

Bed Size

From single beds to double beds to Kings and Queens; are you one hundred per cent sure of the bed size that you require? This is one of those questions that you will no doubt already know the answer to but why not consider going with something you’re not used to?

If your room can fit a double could you upgrade to a King for extra comfort? Can that single room fit a double for a luxury night sleep? Know what size you need but don’t be afraid to consider moving a little up...after-all that extra space really could make all the difference to a good nights sleep.


Whether this is your first, second or third storage bed, it is important to know exactly what you want and need before you begin shopping around.

As with anything, when looking for a storage bed it is important to shop around. Consider the quality of the bed. If you are going to be lifting it up to store clothing, shoes or other items you want a bed that lasts and not one that breaks or becomes faulty immediately! Storage aside you also will naturally want a bed that is comfortable; test the beds out and consider whether it suits you but most importantly whether or not it is built with such care that you won’t even realise that an entire wardrobe is stored underneath you!

Finding the right storage bed is easy when you know your exact requirements but consider where you are buying from to ensure that your decision is the right one; after-all if quality materials and craftsmanship aren’t part of the promise then it won’t be long before you have to hit the shops...yet again!


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