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How Do I Know When I Need A New Bed?

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Here at Lloyds Storage Beds, we know that some people grow attached to their beds; which isn’t surprising seeing as an average human spends 25 years asleep in their lifetime! However, a bed doesn’t last forever and will eventually see the ends of its days when it’s time to trade it in for a newer model. Although, it can be tricky to know when this time comes, so here is a handy guide to when you should throw out that old mattress and get something a bit newer, like one of our gorgeous ottoman storage beds or luxury wooden storage beds.

  •          One of the biggest signs that you need a new bed is if you are waking up in a lot of pain with a sore back.  This is because your bed has become misshapen and is no longer supporting your back enough. This can cause serious health problems so should be addressed as soon as possible.
  •          Old mattresses can get really lumpy. Not only does this look visually unpleasing and make it not the comfiest place to sleep, but can also lead to the health problems mentioned above.
  •          If when you find yourself lying down on your bed after the longest of long days only to be greeted by a loud creak, then it’s probably time to start browsing the storage beds on offer at Lloyds Storage Beds. A noisy bed is a good signal that you need to invest in a new one as this most likely means that the springs within the mattress have lost their support.
  •          This one might be obvious, but it’s surprising how many people will overlook this; if your mattress doesn’t smell too great then you probably need a new one. It may seem weird that anyone would still sleep on a mattress that smells, but the human nose does become accustomed to smells and may not notice it that much. A mattress can collect a huge amount of dirt, skin cells, hair and other nasty things over the time you sleep in it, so a bad smell is definitely a sign to get a new one.
  •          If you bed is flaring up your allergies, this means that it has collected too many microscopic dust mites that thrive in old beds. Don’t let your allergies get the better of you and get a new bed now!

No one should have to sleep on an old bed, and with Lloyds Storage Bed’s amazing range of storage beds, a perfect, bespoke new bed is just a few clicks away! 

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