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How to Arrange Furniture in Your Bedroom

Double Storage Beds

You might not think it, but how you arrange your furniture is an art. While it seems a simple task, getting it wrong can really impact the feel of your room. This is especially true of your bedroom, where space and storage are at a premium. To get it right requires a lot of thought, planning and experimentation. This can either be really fun or awfully stressful, depending on your interior design skills. So, to help those who are lacking in talent for design, Lloyds Storage Beds have put together this handy guide on how to arrange your bedroom furniture. Don’t despair; you will soon know exactly where to put that double storage bed in no time!

Only Use Furniture That Is Necessary

Before starting, think about what you actually need in your bedroom for it to be functional. There is a tendency in a lot of homes to cram rooms full to the brim with decorative but essentially useless items. Decoration is okay, but in smaller rooms too many embellishments such as this can really make the space feel claustrophobic.  Strip down to the bare essentials and you will feel the benefits.

Draw Your Plan

Moving furniture can be exhausting, especially if you have larger, more traditional pieces. This can make it difficult to try out different configurations of the space and furniture. Instead, sketch different plans of your room out first. This is a great way to visual what it would look like, without having to lug everything around to try and change it. If your drawing skills leave a bit to be desired, there is an iOS app called Home Design 3D which is perfect for creating floor plans on your smartphone.

 Make Sure You Have Enough Storage Space

Storage is an essential component to the design of your bedroom. Without it, you will find yourself swamped by mountains of clutter. Storage, therefore, should be at the forefront of your mind when implementing your design. In smaller bedrooms, opt for taller wardrobes and shelves as this will give you more storage while taking up less surface area. Storage beds are also a fantastic way to create storage without sacrificing space. Luckily, Lloyds Storage Beds stock a range of single, double, ottoman and fabric storage beds.

Start With the Bed

Your design should be based around your bed, so placing it first is the best way to start. Traditionally, beds are placed on the wall opposite the door or on the largest wall with no windows. This is only a suggestion however so try and find a place that makes sense to you and feels comfortable.

Arrange In Order of Size

Once you have positioned your bed in the perfect place, start arranging the largest furniture first. Starting with your dresser and then moving on to your bedside tables, desks, shelves and chairs is a good plan. This is by far the easiest way to arrange furniture in a bedroom.

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