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How to Create a Childrenís Bedroom That Grows With Your Family

Decorating a bedroom can be time consuming, expensive and difficult. Nobody wants to repeat this process every few years as their son or daughter gets older and their tastes and needs change. To avoid this, you need to plan ahead when you first decorate the room. Here are a few tips that can help keep your child’s bedroom looking great for years. 

  • As they get older, what your kids want from a bedroom will change a lot. From playing toys to studying, their space will need to be versatile to accommodate their changing habits. To make this easier, define an area that can change from play area to study. Setting this out early will make it easier in the long run.
  • Themed bedrooms can seem like a great idea when they are young, but will become dated very quickly. Kids can change what they like in an instant and designing their entire room around their favourite cartoon character could be a big mistake.  Stick to plain, block colours, with smaller ornaments and furnishes that can personalise a space but be quickly changed if needs be.
  • Storage space is a must for a versatile bedroom. Having the ability to store things away, such as toys and furniture, as a child grows out of them will come in really handy, saving you space and time. One of the best ways to do this us to invest in a storage bed from Lloyds Storage Beds, as this offers a huge amount of storage without taking up an excess space.
  • Rugs are much better option than carpets for a children’s bedroom. Not only does it make the inevitable wear and tear less of hassle, but they can also be swapped out for different styles of rugs when the child gets older, rather than having to put up with the lengthy process of having to re-carpet every few years.
  • Choose classic pieces for a lot of the furniture. Timeless looking pieces are great as they will last from while your kid is playing with toys will when they graduate from university!
  • Invest in quality. Spending more when they first born will mean a lot of the furniture pieces you buy will last till they are much older, saving you money in long run, as you won’t have t buy new furniture every few years when the old ones run out.


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