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How to Keep Your House Warm This Winter


Britain is set for the coldest winter since 1962, with record amounts of snow due to fall over the coming months. This means that households are going to need to spend more heating their homes, and with energy prices increasing this could cost a fortune. Lloyds Storage Beds have compiled the cheapest and quickest ways to keep your home warm this winter and help you save money.

  1.     Use tin foil

Unnecessary heat loss is one of the biggest reasons why houses can feel cold during the winter. One way to prevent this is using aluminium foil behind the radiator, which reflects heat back into the room rather than it disappearing through the wall. Regular kitchen foil can be used but this isn’t effective as foil specifically designed for this purpose.

  1.     Clear the space in front of your radiators

Although it might seem like a good idea to put your sofa in front of the radiator to keep you warm whilst relaxing in your living room, this could actually make your room much colder. This is due to the fact that a sofa can absorb a large amount of the heat given out by heaters.

  1.     Buy thick curtains

In the winter, a lot of heat is lost through the windows. A cheap solution to this is to purchase new curtains with a thermal lining which will trap heat and keep your house comfortably warm. If you want to save even more money, you could even make your own thermal curtains by attaching cheap materials like fleece to the inside.

  1.     Let sunlight in

Although, we won’t be getting a lot of it this winter, letting sunlight into your house is a great way to keep in warm. Even in the dark winter months, opening every curtain in the house in the day can still help raise the temperature by a Celsius or two. Make sure to close the curtains however once dusk settles to trap the heat in.

  1.     Seal up any gaps

Any small gap can let out the heat and the cold air in, so make sure your house is sealed up tight this winter. Draft excluders placed under doors are a great way to do this, and they can even be made cheaply using a pillowcase stuffed with old tights.

  1.     Seal up the old chimney

Old, unused chimneys are a massive drain on heat for many households, and mean a lot of money is wasted. For a little as £30, a chimney balloon can be purchased and installed, which will stop any heat escaping through the chimney. 

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