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The Benefits Of Extra Space

The Benefits Of A Storage Bed

Here at Lloyds Storage Beds we take pride in our beautiful, quality, reliable and durable beds. We don’t just create beds that make for a perfect night’s sleep; we create beds that are designed to make life easier.

Whether you live alone in a small studio apartment or in a large family home with your children, I’m sure you will all agree that things can get cluttered which is why sometimes, that little bit of extra storage space is a great help.

Whether it is year’s worth of family memories, far too many pairs of shoes or extra blankets and duvets; it is normal to never have enough space! When things start to get a little too overcrowded and your stuff starts to fall out of your already over cramped wardrobe space then it can all get a bit much!

At Lloyds Storage Beds we take pride in creating not only comfortable and stylish storage beds but beds that provide an incredibly surprising amount of storage. Whether you need just a bit more space, are a fan of minimalism and prefer things to be hidden away or require a little added convenience then our storage beds are perfect for you.

Our team know that whatever you use the storage space for, you will naturally need to access those items often; the last thing you need is a weak storage bed that will refuse to lift after just a few attempts! We make sure our storage beds won’t let you down.

Wondering whether you really need the extra storage space? Not sure whether a storage bed will work for you? Then give the following points some consideration...

The Additional Wardrobe

We constantly refer to our storage beds as a wardrobe on the floor because after-all, that’s what they are!

The main problem a lot of us deal with is that today, wardrobe space is limited and unless you can have your own walk in wardrobe like a celebrity (we can dream!), it is all too easy to quickly run out of room.

Switching between seasons is always a great storage suggestion; you could have your summer wardrobe ready and hanging and store your winter clothes. Or perhaps you have one too many fancy/formal items of clothing that you wear once in a blue moon, why not store these away in a storage bed?

The options are endless and with additional space you never have to face clothes constantly falling out every time you open your wardrobe.


Bespoke storage bed specialists like the team here at Lloyds Storage Beds love to kick things up a notch by creating real storage space designed just for you.

For shoe addicts in particular we can build a storage bed complete with a chrome shoe rack that can store up to 40 pairs of shoes...but if you’re a real addict then go for 2! With the extra space, you never have to think twice before picking up another pair; what more could a girl want?


Everyone has their own tastes but many will agree that minimalism works wonders for the bedroom. With clutter, extra items and unwanted mess able to be stored away neatly and of course discreetly, what you are ultimately left with is a serene and tranquil environment.

 Out of sight and out of mind is ideal for creating the perfect place to be at ease and relax. No one can truly let loose if they are surrounded by clutter. Extra storage space however can help you create the perfect environment for the best night’s sleep!


Who doesn’t need that little bit of extra space? With one of our reliable and quality storage beds; the perfect, tranquil environment is definitely within your reach.   

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