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The Secret to a Perfectly Made Bed Every Night

Storage bed tips

At Lloyds Storage Beds, we know that climbing into a freshly made bed every night is one of the best feelings around. Whether it’s a luxury ottoman storage bed or a comfy double storage bed you are diving into at after a hard day, it’s always best if the sheets and covers are made perfectly. However, when working long hours in the week or socialising on the weekend, it can be hard to find the time to plump pillows, straighten sheets and tidy up duvets. However, this guide will help you develop a system to help you ensure your bed is looking perfect every single night.

Buy the Right Pillows

Sad, shapeless pillows will instantly make your bed look unappealing, as opposed to the wonderland of sleep that it should be. Getting high quality pillows that retain their shape and stay plump (even after that extra long lie in) is essential. Investing in goose down pillows are a perfect way to keep your bed looking great at all times, as they are some of the best quality pillows on the market. While they can be a bit more expensive compared to other pillows, they are a good investment, and especially since getting a good night’s sleep is so important. 

Get High Quality Linen Sheets

Just like pillows, it is really important to make sure you don’t skimp on the quality of your bed sheets. To get the best possible standard, go for linen instead of cotton. This is because linen sheets still look good even when they have been slept in and last for much longer. For best results, iron your linen before you put it on your bed, but this can be a lengthy task and not for everyone. A good tip is to not buy fitted sheets, but rather flat sheets, as you will find they actually fit better. While this may seem strange, this is because all mattresses are different and fitted sheets rarely match up perfectly. If you get a flat sheet that is one size up for your mattresses and lightly tuck it underneath you will find that it actually fits much better. Linen sheets work perfectly with Lloyds Storage Beds perfectly crafted wooden storage beds.

Keep it Simple

Your bedroom should be your own personal sanctuary, not a place to show off how many cushions you own. Gone are the days of elaborate bed decoration. Having a hundred pillows and a complicated mix of duvets and sheets just makes things harder. Keep everything to a minimum and as simple as you can. This way, when it comes to making your bed, everything will be a lot easier. Also, an excess of colour can make a bed look messier than it is; stick to one plain tone throughout. Fortunately, our range of made to order storage beds can be created to match this simple theme perfectly.

Measure your Bed to Get the Right Sized Duvet

Strangely, there is not a standard size for duvets. This means that your duvet covers might not fit right, resulting in a messy looking bed. Make sure you take the time to measure your duvet to ensure you are getting the right size as this is an easy mistake to make, and will ruin the look of your bed.

Follow these simple steps and no matter if you buy a fabric storage bed, a double storage bed or a single storage bed your bed will look amazing and be ready for you to get a perfect sleep every night.

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