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Top Bedroom Makeover Tips

Top bedroom makeover tips

Whether you live with family, friends or alone there is no doubt that like the rest of us, that there is nothing more you love then being able to jump into bed, kick back and really relax. Our bedrooms are important to us all, a personal spot in the house where we can shut out the rest of the world and really unwind but like every other room in the house it will need a makeover now and again.

As home owners we pay a lot of attention into caring for the communal parts of our house, from the kitchen to the living room and the bathrooms. As parts of the home that are used most often and are open to all, we focus a great deal on ensuring they look great and are regularly refreshed whether with a coat of paint, new sofa or even a complete newly fitted kitchen.

We love to ensure that our homes always look their best yet how many of you devote that much care and attention to your bedrooms?

Here are Lloyds Storage Beds we believe in the importance of a quality bedroom but have noted that often, many of us will neglect our rooms after-all no one is really going to see it are they? But as the place that we all head to get some much needed rest, should we not ensure that our bedrooms are the ideal, serene environments?

A well cared for bedroom can make for a wonderful night’s sleep but is yours currently in the best condition possible? A complete overhaul and makeover might be out of reach but the below tips can help you easily give your room a refresh and make it look brand new...


Whether your room is currently magnolia or a deep dark purple, why not complete change the colour? There is no set rule here on what works and what doesn’t; it is all about your personal choices. A new colour theme or just a fresh coat of paint can really refresh a room and can create a completely different atmosphere.

An injection of colour can bring any environment to life.


From excess clutter to not enough wardrobe space; it is all too easy for our bedrooms to become a dumping ground!

Whether you have one too many pairs of shoes, sharing that closet is no longer viable or you’ve started to accumulate extra duvets and cushions it is easy to start feeling as though you are living inside a store room.

Finding enough space is never easy so try and think outside of the box; from storage boxes to storage beds, discreet hiding spaces are in the plenty and can help you create the perfect environment.


If it isn’t quite time to remove the wallApaper and carpets then fear not as there are a number of things that can be done instead to make your room feel like brand new.

From your duvet cover to cushions, pictures and paintings, opting for new interiors and accessories could make the world of difference to your bedroom. Brighten things up, change the theme and personalise it all, even add a few mementos and family pictures; anything that will make you truly feel relaxed.


When was the last time you gave your room a makeover?


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