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What is An Ottoman Bed?

You may have heard the term ottoman bed and been understandably been confused. If you are a bit of a history buff, you might know the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Empire that lasted from 1299 to 1923, but what does this have to do with beds and furniture?

To put it simply, an ottoman bed is another word used for storage bed. The term ottoman is usually used for a wooden chest or box, which can also be used for a chair or bench or footstall. This furniture mixed both storage and design to create a practical solution to adding more space to a room. The term ottoman began being used in relation to furniture in 1806 when the Turkish style was very fashionable. Other furniture pieces began to adopt this style around this time. This led to the creation of the ottoman bed, or storage bed as it is more commonly known.

Whether you call it an ottoman bed or storage bed, Lloyds Storage Beds have a great range of single and double beds that can add massive amounts of space to your house. All of our storage beds are built by our skilled British craftsmen, with style and practically in mind. Our beds are equipped with deep bases for maximum storage, a variety of finishes, an Italian lifting mechanism and a large choice of extras.

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