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Why Storage Beds Are Perfect For a Property in London

London Storage Beds

Recently, there has been a glut of news stories focusing on ridiculously tiny properties being sold for huge prices in London. Described as ‘studio flats’, most of these dwellings only consist of one room, where it’s possible to reach the kitchen sink while sitting on your bed.  For instance, a 1950’s pre-fab ‘shed’ in Peckham sold for almost a million pounds last month. While most London properties aren’t as radically small as this, space is still at a premium in the capital. Researchers have found that London homes can cost up to as much as £2,000 per square foot, which is one of the most expensive ratios in the world. Therefore, if you are buying or renting in London, you may find yourself with less space than you need.

This has made saving space in a London property essential for many of the capital’s inhabitants, particularly if you are a student or young professional who may not be able to afford the bigger properties. One of the worst things about a small living space is the lack of storage and the clutter that can build up because of this. One of the most common complaints about not having enough storage space is the lack of room for ‘day to day’ equipment like ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, linen and clothes. This can become a big annoyance, as it can make an already small home look even more cluttered.

Storage beds, however, are a perfect way to add a wealth of storage options to a London property without sacrificing space. Lloyds Storage Beds come equipped with a simple lift mechanism that makes it easy to access the space underneath the bed, allowing straightforward day to day access to your new wardrobe, linen closet or even space for your hobby equipment.  This is the perfect solution for people in London who are struggling with smaller homes.

All storage beds are available in a range of colours and materials and can custom built to your unique bedroom style. Storage beds at Lloyds are available in either the pure, infinity or serene range.

For the best storage beds in London, contact Lloyds Storage Beds today.

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