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How long will it take to deliver my bed?

All beds are made bespoke to your order, however due to manufacture being all in-house, we can deliver within 28 days.

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Do I have to order a mattress?

No of course not, your existing mattress may be fine, however we only supply Sealy the worlds favourite & at internet prices, treat yourself.

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Do I have to order a headboard?

Again NO, we will supply exactly what you wish, but with a perfect match & with 50mm filled headboards, they are a luxury product.

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Do I have to pay extra delivery for the headboard & mattress?

NO, we deliver headboards and mattress free of charge with any bed order.

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May I order a headboard later?

Yes of course, with an exact match in material. However there will be a small charge for delivery.

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I would like a different material?

No problem, as every bed is made to order, either supply or tell us what material you would like and we will quote accordingly.

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Can I order a different material on the headboard to the bed?

Of course, we will make any bespoke order you require, contact us and confirm what weird and wonderful bed you desire.

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Will ordering a mattress delay my order?

No, unlike typical suppliers, we hold our own Sealy stock to offer you priority delivery. Six to eight weeks, no way...

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Can I order a bespoke headboard & design it myself?

Yes, just ask. We are here to satisfy whatever your dream bed is, Lloyds Storage Beds supply numerous interior designers with many intricate designs.

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How does the headboard fasten?

We recommend wall mounting, however all headboards come with all fixings required for wall or fixed with hardwood timber legs.

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If I move house can I take it with me?

Our beds are made for life, and you wont want to leave this bed behind. They dismantle and move very easily, although due to materials are very heavy.

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But who are Lloyds Storage Beds?

We have manufactured and supplied UK furniture for over thirty years and with over 97% customer survey "I would definitely recommend you", your in safe hands

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Where are the showrooms ?

You have come direct to the manufacturers, reducing costs to you with our reduced internet rates. However you can visit the factory if you wish, please call for an appointment.

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What about my privacy?

We have supplied to many famous personalities and thousands of customers, we are loyal to all our distinguished customers. Its our business.

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Can I speak to a sales representative?

We require no sales representatives, however you can always liaise with our customer support technicians, to confirm any queries you may have.

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Can I have finance?

The site rates are heavily discounted with an on-line payment, therefore we can not offer any finance arrangements.

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What materials do you use?

All materials selected are specific to retail furniture and rub tested and all adhere to fire & safety regulations.
We supply foils, faux leather & pleather as we find them the best materials for longevity, as hides & timber do stain or mark.

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Can I have real hide leather?

Of course, we will quote you the additional costs involved, however we challenge you to notice the difference compared to our pleather.

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What warranty do I get?

Lloyds Storage Beds come with a full five year parts and labour guarantee. Mattresses are covered by Sealy standards.

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