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/media/pages/library/lloyds_showroom3.jpgLloyds Fitted Bedrooms and Lloyds Storage Beds

Lloyds launched at the end of 1970s, providing retail customers with a; bespoke, design, manufacture and installation service to meet their bedroom furniture needs. You enjoy better quality, more storage space, better design and a much more personal room by choosing fitted furniture from Lloyds.

Your furniture is entirely bespoke, custom-designed and made-to-measure just for you.

You gain every possible inch of storage because this made-to-measure fitted furniture exactly fits your room and requirements: no space is wasted.

Over the years we have moved with the times as it became apparent that customers wanted more. The company’s manufacturing processes capacity grew and adapted enabling us to create other exciting furniture from home offices to entertainment solutions including Bars at Home and Libraries…….


The origins of Lloyds Storage Beds

Lloyds had been providing customers with bed bases – to match their fitted furniture for approximately 20 years, when Peter Lloyd spotted the ideal mechanism to transform our bed bases from a matching base to even more storage - our very own ‘wardrobe on the floor’. This arm of the company enables clients who only require a bed to acquire a high quality product and clients of Lloyds to create a seamlessly designed bedroom – without the hassle of trying to match a bed to their new room coupled with the luxury of even more storage.

/media/pages/library/lloyds-green2.jpgBiography of the founder of Lloyds Storage Beds

Peter Lloyd FIOC, LCGI

  • Coventrian
  • Qualified Master Carpenter and Joiner
  • Fellow of the Institute of Carpenters
  • Licentiateship of the City and Guilds of London Institute
  •  Managing Director/Owner of Lloyds Industries Ltd



Q.  Your favourite place/s to date?

A. Most memorable our recent holiday to Peru, Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands with our Son and Daughter-in-Law. Our first glimpse of Macchu Picchu left us spellbound and the Cusco Valley was breath-taking. The Galapagos Islands are a testament to the scientists and environmentalist who work tirelessly to preserve this corner of the planet for generations to come. Each island would appear the same at first – with the input from our highly qualified guides the tiny but significant differences in the Flora and Fauna were pointed out. The most humbling experience was that the Fauna were not afraid of us at all – we were able to observe them from quite close quarters – a very powerful illustration of the fact that they did not perceive humans as predators – a rare experience. This trip taught us a tremendous amount about the significance both historically and environmentally of these wonders of nature and the need to preserve them.
Hard to choose a particular place overall, we have visited and cruised both; along the Amazon and around a few islands of the Galapagos, the experience was amazing we learnt a tremendous amount about the significance both historically and environmentally of these wonders of nature and the need to preserve them.

BHPA - Qualified Paraglider-Pilot

Q. Where is your favourite place to fly

A. That’s a difficult one – it’s a toss-up between Porterville, South Africa and Wanaka – South Island, New Zealand. I participated in the New Zealand fun competition for a number of years and even had a go at the Nationals as a visiting pilot. Lots of early mornings and briefings with pilots who manage hundreds of hours of flying time a year. The Paragliding community is an exceptionally friendly one, I have yet to meet a pilot who was not prepared to share a tale or two and offer their top tips for making the best of the terrain.

ParaglidingParagliding in South Africa 2010Paragliding in South Africa 2010

Q. Have you had any scary moments?

A. Olu Deniz, Turkey for a competition – locked in a spiral at four thousand feet and speeding towards the sea at a rate that was eye watering,  I managed to deploy my reserve parachute just in time – ‘When in doubt – Chuck it out’ as my instructor often told me and landed in the sea. Only a few bruises and equipment damaged and, still here to tell the tale.



Q. Is that competition level or just leisure?

A. Purely for leisure – favourite route in this country so far, the circuit around Rutland Water.


Anything biographical and of course my default publication – National Geographic.

Roller/Ice Skating

 I took this up in the 60s and still have the roller skating boots I purchased from the skating rink at that time, have changed the wheels over the years – all still in working order although my moves a little rusty these days.

I also do my best to avoid household chores and gardening...

/media/pages/library/carbon3.jpgGreen Credentials & The Environment -  because we care

Lloyds recognises that business activities have a direct and indirect impacts on our environment; ensuring we make a positive contribution to environmental protection. We aim to provide you with a cleaner, greener way to  produce your furniture.

We always adopt an environmental friendly approach in our manufacturing and material selection processes. Our environmental policy is under continuous review to see if we can improve our efforts in any area.

Peter Lloyd and his wife Jan received the runner-up Environmental Award 2010 from the FSB (Federation of Small Business) at Warwick Castle for Lloyds Green Policy within manufacturing and its striving efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.


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